среда, 5 января 2011 г.

TimeTable Lite v2.1

TimeTable Lite v2.1 is a multipurpose program for flexible composition and editing schedules of lectures or lessons.

Key features:
  • nice interface
  • functional widgets in three sizes with the ability to change colors, highlighting the current event with countdown to the end and view all of this week
  • two-week cycle
  • adding an event on a specific date
  • switching on and off weekend
  • tabular form showing the schedule and save on your memory card
  • backup and restore the database
  • switch quiet or vibrate-mode during lessons
  • sound reminder about upcoming event 5 minutes before it starts
  • the ability to create two different independent schedules
  • setting language of program independently of the system language
  • ability to save notes
  • languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish

Note: if you use any task killer, please add the program to the exceptions.

 TimeTable Lite v2.1.apk

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  1. Hi
    I'm using TimeTableLite v2.3.1 on the Google Nexus S running Android 2.3.4
    The words on the widget always disappear after a while. So, after I click on "forward/next" to get it to show the timetable of the previous/next day, the timetable will disappear from the widget after a while.
    Can you fix that?